Faralya and Butterfly Valley are located at the foot of Babadağ Mountain on the Mediterranean Coast. Getting to Faralya is about a 15-minute drive along the coastal road from the stunning seaside resort of Ölüdeniz, popularly considered the Turkish Riviera. Butterfly Valley is a narrow valley stretching from a wide strip of sand to about 3 miles inland. The walls of the canyon are steep and rise to a height of about 1300 feet. The trail in the valley leads to two waterfalls emanating from a spring in the village of Faralya, about 1200 feet above the canyon.

Due to its natural beauty, Butterfly Valley is a special eco-tourism attraction. It is protected by the World Heritage Foundation. The valley is open all year and is popular with those who enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, scuba diving and canoeing.